Founder & Entrepreneur - Radhesh Agrahari

  • My entire education, Career and research in last the 12 years has been in the area of textile, crafts, Handloom and creating livelihood and improving life for Tribal Women.
  • I passed my UnderGraduate in 2010 FROM Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology Mohali (NIIFT Mohali) which is one of the leading Fashion Technology Institute in India  in the field of Fashion design, Textile design and Fashion design knits.  I did my post graduation from The Indian Institute of Crafts & Design, Jaipur  as TEXTILE DESIGNER in year 2013.  The main objective of IICD is to generate knowledge, upgrade skills and foster attitudes in order to develop highly motivated change agents in the craft sector. As pioneer the Institute works towards the evolution of crafts and the artisans in the contemporary socio-economic context. As moto, sensitizes budding designers to the issues of sustainability and awareness of eco-system for which solutions are designed and  has a continuously evolving, vibrant environment of experimentation and innovation.
  • On successful completion of Post Grad  I took a job with TRIFED India,  TRIFED is committed to meaningfully transform the lives of tribal residents in India. , TRIFED is mandated to ringing about socio-economic development of tribal of the country.  TRIFED is involved actively in capacity building of the tribal people through training the tribal in several activities, so that they can effectively carry them out. This helped to apply my knowledge, Feather wool Innovation and experience with Tribal community to generate Livelihood for Tribal women.
  • Why I am so passionate?

  • I belong to Rajasthan, a Desert State of India which has a great heritage of Arts, Crafts, and unique  culture built over centuries through Tribal Artisans & Communities. My  ancestor supported these Tribal's Craft & Culture in the past. In last few decades Tribals have become poorest, remained uneducated, backward community  and very few could keep up with  Socio-economic, Mechanization and Industrial growth change. Tribal Women worst affected had no choice but to earn livelihood by picking and selling dry wood collected from forests, work as unskilled temporary laborer in fields and Stone queries.
  • Since my college days, been a Chicken Food lover, but realized how much waste it generates. The chicken waste garbage is thrown into rivers, causing water  pollution & health hazards. Such pollution of water bodies is a man-mad disaster especially in Deserts.  These realizations made me determined to do something, strive to change for better, became passion and choice of career and life. Today have changed lives of so many Tribal Women especially homeless Women & Widows, by giving livelihood through Handloom, a dignified life. I have converted Chicken garbage into wool cloth, while preventing thousands of tons of chicken garbage being dumped into water bodies.
  • Co-Founder - Mr. Abhishek Verma

    I've always been environmentally conscious, and my goal is to transform lives and provide jobs for underprivileged tribal women through sustainable development. I'm dedicated to a pollution-free world, and Golden Feathers' unique methods empower me to create a greener future for everyone.