Our Start Up Story

“During my college days in 2010, I got a classroom project to ‘convert a waste into a utility product’. I felt here was an opportunity to challenge myself. The same evening I was visiting a butchery shop to buy chicken and realized that 1 Kg chicken gets only 650 gm meat, rest is a waste thrown into gutter, I decided to do my project on this waste. In college everyone laughed at me and my crazy idea. I took the challenge, with lots of research in 2 weeks, I made a paint brush from the chicken feathers, unfortunately Faculty gave poor feedback, Undeterred, continued my research. In 2013 my final Postgraduation Project was “Chicken with Golden Feathers” ,the jury adjudged as the Best Project ever submitted in last 10 Yrs history of Institution. In 2015 with lots of Research/Experimentation I made yarn from this chicken Fiber and later on set the yarn on the Handloom and converted into fabric.Today it is known as 6th natural woolen fiber that is 10 times warmer, softer and durable than any other man-made or natural woolen Fiber. Trained 200+ Tribal women Handloom to make Stoles & Mufflers and are still employed with us.

Today what we do.

We generate continuous sustainable livelihood for Tribal women in remote Tribal areas of Rajasthan, India by converting Butchery Chicken Waste ( BCW) into Handloom Cloth, enabling sustainable development, reduction in Environmental pollution & health hazards.

Our organization collects BCW from local poultry slaughter house as a raw material. We hygienically through multiple sanitization processes extract Chicken Feathers and convert it into Pulp and Yarn for Handloom Cloth.

This Feather wool yarn is given to Tribal women and artisans (trained by our organization) to make various wearable items ( from their home or workshops ) like running Cloth, Quilt, Shawls, Jackets, Embroidery, Stoles, and Mufflers. The by-product from our process is scientifically converted into compost and distributed to local farmers as Fertilizer. The cost of Feather wool Thread is very low as it is extracted from garbage hence can compete against regular wool and cotton, synthetic fiber based apparels.

Our organization in the last 3 years has recycled ~500 Tons of butchery chicken waste ( BCW) into Handloom Cloth and generated livelihood and have impacted lives of around 200+ Tribal women paying 20 Times more than average and families, 375+ Semi skilled/Unskilled workers and empowered 2000+ tribal women through Handloom activities.

What we have achieved

Short term outcomes in last 3 Years: Handloom Trained and employed 200+ Tribal Women ( 70% are Widows, Homeless ), paid 20 times average pay in friendly secure environment. Have sold thousands of Woolen Apparels made from Thread from Chicken Feather waste.

Medium Term Outcomes: This higher earnings have improved their quality of life, social status and independent empowered women in family and community. Children are going to schools. We have prevented pollution from 500 Tons waste into our rivers and land fill. More than 200+ families life have been uplifted.

Long term outcomes : Reduced migration of Tribal Labors to Urban, Exploitation of Tribal Women, Have Build community based self-help groups, Tribal women running social NGO and Skills training. Our efforts have created safer drinking water and less polluted surface and underground water resources and health hazards