Social Impact

  1. We are enabling Secure, sustainable, and dignified livelihood generation for Tribal women living in backward Tribal areas of India.
  2. Reduce catastrophic threat to environment caused by Pollution from Butchery Chicken Waste ( BCW) in India.

Factors that high lite these challenges.

  1. The Indian Tribal communities, poorest among the poor, has around 56.4 million Tribal Women (4.8% of total Indian population). Most Tribal women have lowest socio-economic profile, live unhealthy lives, in conditions of ignorance and poverty. Along with routine household work, these women work as unskilled labor in the agricultural fields, Stone queries,forests for long hours for meager earnings less than $10 per month and lack any permanent sources of income.
  2. On an average 1 Kg of Chicken (having 6.9 Kg Carbon Footprint) produces 300 Gm of BCW, containing 70 Gm Feathers. Global broiler meat production in 2020 estimated to be 80 Million Tons, implies ~24 Million BCW. India BCW production ~1.2 Million Tons including ~0.4 Million Tons of chicken Feathers. In India most of this BCW is dumped into Uninhabited area Landfills and Water bodies leading to water & land pollution (both surface and ground water), health hazards, poor air quality, ~15% pollution of Indian rivers is only due to chicken waste.
Social Impact on Trial women Social Impact on Trial women
Social Impact on Trial women Social Impact on Trial women